All things start with an invisible concept, and their physical manifestation comes from their spiritual source. Similar to how an idea is not a physical entity, the creator is also not a physical entity. Natural humans are spiritually dead since they are unable to manifest from the realm not visible to human eyes; they are slaves to the group of humans who have ideas.

Humans became natural after eating the forbidden fruit, which caused us to lose our connection to the one who created everything. However, by repenting of our sins and realigning with the creator, we can stop being natural and enter the spirit realm, where we can communicate with the one who created everything.

If you have ever been addicted to any substance, life seems at its best in the beginning. You will love the thrill and how it completes the person you have found at that time. The interesting thing is that, at that point, we are fleeing a part of ourselves that we are not comfortable with for various reasons, so we seek solace in these newfound habits that have been naturally presented to us. Naturally, the mind welcomes different thoughts. We cannot control what our eyes see, but we can control how we interpret what they see. Because our eyes see differently and interpret information through the lens of our ingrained beliefs, the only way we can filter out things that do not empower us to become the selves that he has created and the selves we have found in him is spiritually.

Discovering the creator of everything introduces us to something different, and its experience is different from the pleasure of our addictions, new thoughts we’ll have, new habits, and tastes in things that’ll open our eyes to different beauty in the things we’ve been seeing with the natural eyes, just in our high states you’ll always realize that natural is the most boring state, that’s why we enjoy escaping from it but it comes with a price of addiction that detach us from being human that was created in his image and likeness, but in the spirituality of life in him that created everything, we’ll begin to see through his lens, and that will shape us into the idea of him for us which seem impossible because we’ve been seeing our lives through the mirror of the natural.
Most of the time, we view life through the lenses of natural laws and the regulations set down by society. However, some people achieve great success while others languish and live like average people. The uncommon people are the ones who are honoured, while the common people go through life unnoticed. Nevertheless, we were not made to live insignificantly; rather, we were made with a purpose. The natural world blinds us, but the new birth allows us to see things differently.

With the new birth, we can access qualities we were unaware we possessed or could develop; the human heart is evil and has been used to mentally imprison us by using physical objects to hold us down; spiritual life is more enjoyable and eternal than physical life; if you have ever experienced euphoria, you will understand some of it; however, this is not the kind of euphoria that wears off; rather, it can endure forever without causing harm.

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