Can't Birth You

Becoming, birth a better version of who you are at the moment, if you are satisfied with the current version of yourself, then you don’t need to do the work.

Entwined IX

We live inside to become the version suitable for the moment. Voices in our head are always wild and awake and never boring, 

The Rebirth

Wanting more of God makes us more of a god than a human, and we get equipped with everything we need


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Letter to the Therapist

In the course of my life, I have wandered and experienced darkness, joy, and defeat.


Crazy and Cool

 If what you crave is to experience the true power of being human, then try being a Christian.


Though We Live In Dark Times

Throwing in the towel seems like a cowardly act, push through as Sarah Jakes said; the strength is within, and the 43% liquid will wear out after some hours. Conscience is becoming scarce because the outlawed things seem to be where profit is


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