Letter to the

A review of life so far. Writing to the therapist of the progress made since the first session

In the course of my life, I have wandered and experienced darkness, joy, and defeat. A while ago I was sad and regretful for what I have done with life so far and it has further driven me into darker parts of where I have once been, looking at those years as wasted and nothing could be done to get those years back, I beat myself and loath, wasting the present away instead of making new since nothing can bring back the lost years.

To live in the present, I need to find myself and know who I am without any filter and what was supposed to have been achieved by my current age. I now live the day the best way I can, loving myself consciously, even through the ups and downs. Life is not designed to be a one-way stream, different occurrences build me into the person I am supposed to be. I redesign things that do not befit the person I want to be.

As I discover myself, I consciously live the idea of who I want to be, I finetune as I get more knowledge of what’s possible, and block out what’s not elevating me, regardless of how trendy it might be, trends have not done much for me, it has derailed me, making me lose consciousness of who I am.

My goal right now is to become me, experiencing peace in the life I live daily is what I seek, and nothing is greater than that. The life I live is what I feel is sane for me, and not driving on the fast lane that leads to darkness I have lived in for many years, I seek light now because I know the difference.

The goal is to be fulfilled on purpose, not for the sake of market capitalization, living every day in the right frame of mind, and making the best decision that serves the moment.

For me, this is another chance to live life right, a revenge on the wasted years. Now that I know what life I can live, I want to consciously live that life.

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